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About Us

Who is Hypnotes?

Hypnotes is a company who dedicated itself to provide the best experience and service to therapists. Hypnotes founded and developed by the people who believe in therapy & natural way of healing. Hypnotes is the best tool for therapists, because it's been developed with the guidance of therapists. That's why Hypnotes understand you better than you.

Who is Hypnotes?

Who is our team? &
Why we are?

Hypnotes's founder is the husband of a therapist. Advisory board is full of therapists. We get feedback from therapists. We are all therapists & that's why we know you, we love you & we understand your business. We appreciate your great contribution to humanity & we provide the best platform for you to run your business smoothly.

Who is our team?  & <br />   Why we are?

Our services &

Hypnotes is specifically developed and designed for therapists to take notes, sign documents, schedule appointments, receive payments, and have sessions via the end-to-end encrypted video conferencing tool. Everything you need is all in one place. Hypnotes combined and enhanced the features of multiple third-party solutions eliminating the need to go to multiple platforms to get all of the tools you need.
Hypnotes allows you to take text, voice, and image notes and convert your voice and handwritten notes to text with the AI-based tool.
Hypnotes is a HIPPA compliant platform; all client information and documents are fully encrypted.
The built-in appointment scheduler allows you to customize your session offerings and tailor them to your specific needs. After you generate the scheduler URL, your website will be connected to your calendar. Payments are collected from clients during appointment scheduling and secure document signing functionality is used to collect necessary signatures. Hypnotes telehealth, video conferencing, tool is encrypted end-to-end to provide the highest security for your sessions with your clients.
AI-based bio-feedback, emotion detection software allows you to monitor your clients' emotions during the sessions. Hypnotes provides exceptional features all in one place. Also Hypnotes saves your money by eliminating the need of multiple third party solutions for each feature.

Our services & <br />   Features

Why you should start using
Hypnotes now!

Hypnotes is a new program designed with therapists in mind, combining functionality, security, and ease of use into one robust tool. Providing scheduling, payment, and secure note taking and storage in one secure place saves time, allowing therapists to spend more time doing what they love, connecting with clients, and less time on tedious operational tasks.
But Hypnotes is more than an operational time-saver. It also offers the latest technology to enhance the therapeutic process, especially online, with AI-based emotion detection software allowing you to better ensure a strong sense of rapport with each and every client.
That's why you should start using Hypnotes now to help yourself and your clients.

 Why you should start using <br/> Hypnotes now!

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