Hypnotes Bio Feedback

Monitor your clients' emotions
in real time

We know you need to deal with multiple things during client meetings. Giving suggestions, taking notes, preparing next phase etc. It is not always possible to monitor your clients feelings while trying to do these tasks. That's why we provide a functionality which monitors your clients emotions real time and provide you feedback. Great help during hypnosis, reiki or mental disorder sessions.

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what your eyes can't see

Hypnotes-AI provides you to detect your clients emotions that your bare eyes may miss. AI based image processing technology looks into the details of the every point of your client's face to unveil the hidden emotions.

Keep all records for deeper analysis

Even if you miss something during the session or you did not feel comfortable able something, you can always bring up session recordings & emotion recordings to check back and ease your mind.


what others can't do

Provide the best service to your clients with the cutting-edge technology & keep your business at the top of success. Hypnotes-AI will keep your service distinct from others' services. Feel the difference.

Voice Recording Sharability

With the Hypnotes powerful AI tool you can share with your clients with a click. Revolutionize your business with the power of Hypnotes AI.