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Emotion Recognition with Biofeedback AI for therapists

Monitor your clients' emotions
in real time

As a therapist you have multiple things to juggle at once. Calculating your response to your clients, taking notes, developing a plan to help them etc. What if you miss a facial expression while doing something else? With Hypnotes you don't have to worry because we have built in an emotion recognition AI tool that uses facial emotion recognition in real time. Take the guess work out and let the AI do the emotion detection for you.

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what your eyes can't see

Hypnotes-AI gives you a way how to detect emotion that you may've otherwise missed. Unveil hidden emotions through emotion monitoring psychology. Let the image processing technology go to work for you today by using Hypnotes emotion recognition AI tool on your clients.

Keep records for a deeper analysis

Revisit session recordings sand emotion detection recordings for a deeper analysis. Didn't have time to analyze during the session? You can always go back and review the facial emotion recognition at a later time.


what others can't do

Provide world class service to your clients with the cutting-edge technology of facial emotion recognition. Hypnotes-AI will make you stand out from your competitors.

Voice recording shareability

Share with your clients with just a click. Revolutionize your business with the power of Hypnotes-AI.


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