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Get Organized

Keep all Client Documents
in One Place

Keep all of your client information in place. Hypnotes allows you to store client information, documents, session information, and invoices in one platform. The days of toggling different platforms are over.

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Set up Your Documents one Time,
Then Hypnotes Will Customize for Each Client,
Saving you Time!

Hypnotes has integrated an automated document functionality that allows you to upload your documents just one time then we do the rest for you. This allows you to re-use them for different clients and sessions without taking up any more of your time. Once you have uploaded them and linked them with your services that’s it. The documents will be easily accessed under each account, no need to email back and forth. You can click which documents are required and take away the risk of forgetting and protecting yourself legally. We help secure you and your business.

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Automate Payments, Scheduling Process,
& Invoices

Set up your services and pricing, Hypnotes will do the rest. With an integrated payment system , you can collect payments during scheduling, or receive them automatically when someone schedules with you. The integrated scheduler and payment system allows you to take payments automatically while tracking services rendered and earnings through a reporting system.

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Revolutionary Way of Scheduling,
Manage Your Time More Effectively

Set up your availability for each day add a special block time or recurring block times to simplify your schedule. No more questions about your availability you can set it up so your clients can easily schedule.

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