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HIPAA compliant and secure practice management software

We don’t just say we are secure,
we are secure

Client confidentiality and data security is our top priority. All of the data housed in Hypnotes is encrypted and secured by a firewall. Feel at ease with our advanced security and get started today!

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Hypnotes is a HIPAA-compliant practice management software (pms)

Hypnotes is a HIPAA compliant software and provides HIPAA compliant video conferencing. We have taken every step to ensure the highest level of security for our clients and yours.

Cloud based &
secure servers

Physical security is an important component in protecting your data. We provide the highest security through access control, surveillance, and testing. Our platform servers are housed in a protected facility 24/7 365 days a year.


Secure login &
Account Verification

Every customer has to go through email and phone verification for authentication. Only verified customers can access the data in their account. No data is shared or revealed to the third party companies, including insurance companies.

Experienced Security Team

Our security team regularly tests our systems for any type of breech. A complete test of the entire system is ran to make sure your data is safe.


Log Monitoring

Hypnotes monitors and tracklogs to ensure the highest security in the platform. Log monitoring allows early threat detection and prevention.

E-mail Authentication

Assign users to roles such as practice administrator, clinician, clinical administrator, supervisor, scheduler, and biller, each with appropriate access to the minimum necessary information to do their job. Clinical notes and records are only accessible by authorized users, keeping your clients' records secure.


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