7 Best Webinars for Therapists to Learn from Other’s Experience [2023]

Last Updated on September 16, 2023

Webinars for therapists are rising in popularity owing to their advantages, such as free and easy access through the internet, diversity in topics, and the opportunity to watch on-demand. In addition, it gives the ability to hear new ideas, examples, and real-life experiences from many experts in the field without the need for visiting them or attending their seminars.

Furthermore, these recorded or live webinars for therapists are an excellent option to refresh your college courses or keep up with the latest developments when you do not have enough time to read articles or books for therapists.

Here, we have collected the 7 best webinars for therapists from the popular websites for therapists to provide a quick list to keep you up to date with the best knowledge.

Best webinars for therapists

1- The 5 Proven Traits of Successful Therapists

Host: Casey Truffo

What it is about: The webinar aims to provide detailed information about the features that a counselor should have to be a successful psychotherapy practitioner. Casey Truffo, a successful expert in the field, shares her theoretical knowledge and experiences by classifying these traits in these five topics:

  • Determine your career goals
  • Being realistic about the difficult process of building a private counseling business
  • Create a well-thought marketing and business plan
  • Reflecting your real image and personality
  • Conduct a review of your marketing

Who it is for: This free webinar for therapists is particularly beneficial for beginner practitioners and psychotherapists who intend to start their private counseling practice.

Where to Watch: Website Link

2- Working with Eating Disorders: Myths, Metaphors, and Storytelling

Host: Sue Paton

What it is about: As one of the free online webinars for therapists, this webinar is hosted by Sue Paton, a Sydney-based psychotherapist, and concentrates on eating disorders. She describes her approach to the cases who suffer from eating disorders that have adverse effects on the quality of life.

Paton, in her webinar for therapists, presents a detailed presentation about;

  • Introduction to what eating disorders are and what cases are considered eating disorders
  • Advice which has been derived from real-life cases for the practitioners who are new to the field
  • The outline of her approach to working with eating disorders
  • Professional development sources from which therapists and practitioners can benefit from

Who it is for: This free online webinar for therapists is recommended for psychotherapists who want to improve their expertise in eating disorders.

Where to Watch: Website Link

3- Private Practice 101 for Therapists

Host: Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer

What it is about: This online seminar is one of the best webinars for therapists is co-hosted by Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer, who are experienced psychotherapists and have Master’s degrees in Psychology. They also run a series of podcasts for therapists, which discusses hot topics in the field. In this webinar for therapists, Kelly and Miranda concentrates on;

  • The basics of starting a private counseling business
  • The reasons behind the failure of some private counseling businesses
  • The methods to bring more clients
  • The tips for making your private counseling profitable
  • The details of working with insurances

Who it is for: This webinar for therapists is perfect for psychotherapists who want to start their private counseling businesses and private counselors who desire to raise their profitability.

Where to Watch: Website Link

4- Teachers & Families: Coping with Back-to-School Stress

Speakers: Amy Kennedy, Marc Brackett, Ph.D., and Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn

What it is about: This webinar for therapists hosts three speakers. Amy Kennedy is an experienced teacher, and Marc Brackett, Ph.D., is the Center for Emotional Intelligence director at Yale. Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn is a practicing psychiatrist who has a 20-year of experience. This free webinar discusses;

  • The intense anxiety and stress among the teachers because of the lack of appreciation towards them
  • The effects of the pandemic precautions at school on the students
  • The disappointment and worry of students
  • The role of the families in this regard

Who it is for: This webinar is beneficial for psychotherapists who work with children, teens, and families. Furthermore, this webinar for therapists can also be followed by the families and teachers to have better insight into the conditions of the relationship between teachers and students.

Where to Watch: Website Link

Best free online webinars for therapists

5- Preparing Your Workplace for Peer Integration Stress

Host: Stephanie Ramos, Communications Director, Cal Voices

What it is about: This webinar for therapists is hosted by Stephanie Ramos, who has a long-time experience in mental health services. In this free online webinar for therapists, Ramos explains:

  • Who a Peer Specialist is
  • The traits and competencies that a peer specialist should have
  • The process of assisting the other colleagues
  • Designing a successful plan to incorporate peer specialists into the workplace

Who it is for: This webinar will contribute to the therapists who work with businesses, managers, and business owners to improve workplace conditions.

Where to Watch: Website Link

6- Assessment: How to Ask the Right Questions

Host: Amy George

What it is about: This webinar for therapists is prepared by Amy George, and Dr. William Davis joins as a speaker. He is the director of Applied Clinical Psychology and authored several psychotherapy courses. Asking the right questions is one of the keys to successful counseling. this webinar primarily discusses:

  • How to start the counseling to maximize efficiency
  • How to assess the best way to persuade the patients to open up
  • How to reveal the factors that affect the clients or patients

Who it is for: This webinar for therapists will help all psychotherapists and practitioners improve their counseling skills with a contribution by an expert.

Where to Watch: Website Link

7- Grow Your Practice with Social Media

Host: Kate Younkin

What it is about: This webinar for therapists provides a presentation Kate Younkin, who has specialized in social media marketing and SEO works for mental health professionals. This free online webinar for therapists only requires a short registering process. This webinar introduces:

  • The benefits of social media as a platform to attract new clients
  • The ways to derive the utmost benefit from social media
  • The ethics of sharing posts on social media as a professional therapist

Who it is for: This webinar for therapists presents a clear explanation of the social media contribution to private counseling. Thus, the psychotherapists and practitioners who want to grow their counseling will find it highly beneficial.

Where to Watch: Website Link


Best live webinars for therapists

Webinars for therapists is a great way to keep up with the latest developments in psychotherapy with the contributions of experts and other experienced members of the field. Additionally, it is also possible to expand your expertise in the sub-fields of psychotherapy with more theoretical information or experiences of the other practitioners. Even before you start your private practice best webinars for therapists can be a great way to get ahead and know how to prepare.

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