16 Best Websites for Therapists [2023]

Last Updated on September 16, 2023

Websites for therapists help increase their presence on the internet with contributions of counselors and other psychotherapy professionals. Today for therapists, it is possible to find reliable online sources to improve professional skills and valuable articles for reference by utilizing the existing websites. We have collected the 16 best websites for therapists, which enable you to improve your skills and knowledge.

Best organization websites for therapists

Associations and Organizations

1- American Psychological Association

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Content: Being one of the largest organizations for therapists, American Psychological Association (APA) gathers more than 133,000 members ranging from students to researchers. This website for therapists serves as a comprehensive platform for scientific research, publications, and continuing education for mental health professionals with a large inventory of webinars, courses, and many other information-sharing methods. Hence, it should be among one of the best websites for therapists and should be regularly referenced.

2- The American Counseling Association (ACA)

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Content: American Counseling Association is a non-profit organization established in 1952 to represent and defend the rights of professional counselors across the United States. The Association’s website has been organized to provide a multi-dimensional contribution to the counselors by offering a social network and community of psychology professionals to expand their knowledge and vocational competence through professional development centers and ACA conferences. Furthermore, the ACA website also works as a career center to connect job seekers with employers, making it one of the best websites for therapists.

3- The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)

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Content: As stated on its website, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America focuses on treating anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, PTSD, and other related disorders. ADAA, which has more than 1,500 experts internationally, has created a website that is intended to contribute to the education and learning of psychology professionals. The therapist website covers detailed information about the organization’s annual conference while retaining a large platform for member blogs and webinars.

4- National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

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Content: National Association of Social Workers (NASW) was established in 1955 and is now the largest social worker organization worldwide. This online therapy platform for therapists by NASW has diverse content to allow the practitioners and counselors to improve their knowledge through the webinars, online courses, and practical experiences that various institutions provide. Furthermore, there is also a career center on this website for therapists to help professionals develop their careers on the right path.

Best Blogs Websites for Therapists

best websites blogs

5- Psychology Today

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Content: Psychology Today is one of the most extensive online therapy platforms for therapists, which will contribute their professional competence with detailed information about mental health topics which include addiction, autism, depression, and many others. Furthermore, you can find more topics about personality, personal growth, and a couple of issues with step-by-step explanations. In addition, this website for therapists boasts many constantly expanding blog posts authored by experts in the field and provides professional insight into the hot topics in the field.

6- Psycho Central

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Content: Psych Central is one of the best online therapy sites for therapists. It hosts valuable content that will help all professionals in the field by keeping them up to date with the knowledge and explanations from other experts in the field. This website for therapists has a large coverage of mental health problems and a blog to enable the experts to share their experiences with other counseling professionals. Furthermore, this website offers information for people who want to start psychotherapy to treat their mental wellness with the help of a professional.

7- Good Therapy

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Content: Good Therapy is one of the online therapy platforms for therapists, aims to create an online platform to provide a suitable space for therapists’ training. The website for therapists retains a blog in which the articles authored by founders are published to inform the counselors about the trending topics in the field. Furthermore, the website presents several online courses and certificate programs organized to educate and train counselors for online therapy, telemental health, etc.

8- Online Therapy Institute Therapy

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Content: Established by Kate Anthony, with a Doctoral degree in Psychotherapy, and DeeAnna Merz Nagel, an expert on rehabilitation counseling. This website for therapists aims to create an online platform to provide a suitable space for therapists’ training. The website for therapists retains a blog in which the articles authored by founders are published to inform the counselors about the trending topics in the field. Furthermore, the website presents several online courses and certificate programs organized to educate and train counselors for online therapy, telemental health, etc.

Best Podcasts and Webinar Websites for Therapists


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9- One Mind PsyberGuide

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Content: One Mind PsyberGuide is a non-profit organization that has been established to help people to use mental health tools as well as to facilitate their access to the available resources. The website provides a detailed examination of the apps available on the App Store and Play Store that millions of people can easily reach. This website for therapists and people detects the applications that people and experts use to review these apps in detail to report their credibility, transparency, and the quality of user experience. Additionally, you can also find articles that focus on mental health issues.

10- Mental Health America

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Content: Mental Health America is among the most widespread mental health organizations in the United States and aims to prevent and cure mental health problems. The organization was established in 1909, and today, it has more than 200 affiliates around the country. Mental Health America operates a website for therapists, including a career center, a center for peer support, and an education center that regularly organizes webinars. You can follow these free webinars by registering online, while the previous webinars are available online as published on the “Past Webinars” page.

11- Stanford Center for Continuing Medical Education

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Content: As one of the most reputable universities globally, Stanford also presents a professional development opportunity for psychotherapy professionals and counselors with the podcasts posted on its Continuing Medical Education website.

12- Mental Health Professionals Network

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Content: Mental Health Professionals’ Network works to improve the interdisciplinary practice of mental health applications. Therefore, on their website for therapists, they retain a large library of podcasts and webinars to improve the professional skills of the counselors through increasing the knowledge and experience sharing in these webinars and podcasts. You can either register for the upcoming webinars or watch more than 100 past webinars available on this online therapy platform for therapists. The website for therapists by Mental Health Network also publishes podcasts with the participation of experts in the field.

Websites You Can Find Forms, Handouts, and Worksheets for Therapists

13- Therapist Aid

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Content: Therapist Aid is one of the best websites for therapists with its vast range of tools, and printable documents that can be beneficial for your sessions with clients. It does not matter what age groups you work with or what topics you deal with. You can be sure that you will find a relevant document, worksheet, or customizable exercises that you can give your clients to maximize the efficiency of your therapy. Furthermore, you can also use interactive therapy tools to enhance the clients’ engagement.

14- Psychology Tools

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Content: Another website for therapists, Psychology Tools, was established in 2008, and since that time, they have created a large database of books, measures, handouts, worksheets, and audio materials, which are all of great use for the counselors and clinicians as they offer a detailed explanation and combination of theory and practice to carry your counseling to the upper levels.

Private Counseling

15- The Practice of the Practice

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Content: Practice of the Practice was started by Joe Sanok in 2012 to share his experience as a private counselor. He began to share what he learned during this process, what he did to grow his business, how he attracted new clients and many other topics that will inspire the other private counselors to improve their business with authentic experiences. Apart from these, it is possible to find necessary documentation samples and templates on this website for therapists.

16- Social Work Career

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Content: Social Work Career was founded by Dorlee Michaeli in 2009 to share her counseling experience. Now, she has expanded its coverage, and now this website for therapists publishes her clinical practice experiences, expert interviews, social work career opportunities, and training options.


Best organization websites for therapists

Thanks to the rapid development of the internet, it is much easier to access information and follow various courses and training programs. Counseling also benefits from this opportunity through many best websites for therapists, introduced above. These websites for therapists focus on diverse areas in mental health and psychotherapy. You can easily keep your theoretical knowledge up to date by following these websites for therapists while benefiting from the experiences of other experts in the field.

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